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Kid's Ministry and Camps


Kid's Ministry and Camps


You are bigger than Goliath!

You can make it through everything with God!

You are special!

Trust and obey!

Stand tall little ones!

Jesus loves you!


Kid's Ministry and Camps

I grew up in a church that believed in kids and had a vibrant children’s ministry that had us excited about going to church every Sunday to hear God’s Word in a way that we could relate to. Perhaps this is what has helped fuel my passion over the years of ministry. If people are enjoying the ministry and growing in the process they are more likely to want to ask their friends and neighbours to come with them. Church was never meant to be mundane but rather to be fully alive and filled with expectancy.

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In Bible College many years ago I began doing puppets on a local television show called Gospel Goose. After college I started my own television program called Uncle Ken’s Sonshine Inn telling Bible stories and having children on set with myself and the puppets. For five years in the 80’s the puppets were starring on Storytime on the CTV network seen across Canada every Saturday morning.

During my fifteen years as a pastor it was my privilege to be able to use my puppet characters to reach out to the kids of the community and to be invited to many schools, festivals and other churches.

When Jesus said “let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them”, I believe we ought to do all that we can do by every means possible to draw the children to where they can hear and understand the love of God for them.

If you would like to have me and my Friends Forever Puppets in to minister at your church, we need to talk and to set a date.

May God continue to reach people through the church He has given you to oversee.

Yours in Christ,
Ken Bishop

Kids are not the church of the future, they are the church of today!

Friends Forever Puppets Kid's Bible Camp (pdf)

"Hi Ken,
Thank you for coming to our carnival event at NorthLife Church.  We had some great feedback from those who attended.  The puppet show provided by Friends Forever Puppets reached the hearts of many children.  The children responded with much enthusiasm to the puppets, as well as the parents and other participants. The gospel message was clear and we appreciated the object lessons used.  We will pray that God gives you many more opportunities to share his message of peace."

Northlife (Fellowship Baptist)
141 Alberta Dr

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